BMW Painting Award

  • BMW Painting Award

The call for the 27th BMW Painting Award will remain open until September 30 of this year. The event is open to painters of any nationality who reside in Spain and who have not won the Award in any of the earlier editions of the event.

Participants may choose any themes and technical approaches to create the works, as long as no references are made to any particular brand and the content of the work is not offensive in a broad sense. Organizers offer the following suggestions with regard to possible themes: "Ecology and the Environment," "Nature and the Animal World," "Culture and Coexistence,"  "Art and the History of Humanity on Earth," "Aesthetics and Technology," and "Creativity of Mankind through Time and Across Civilizations."

Participants can only submit one work that has not been previously entered in any other competition—this point must be corroborated with a sworn statement. The paintings must be at least 100 × 81 cm (39.37 × 31.88 in), and not larger than 95 × 95 cm (37.40 × 37.40 in). The works must already be inside a frame with a width that does not exceed 3 cm (1.18 in). While paintings covered with glass will not be accepted, works protected with methacrylate or anything similar with be received.

The 27th BMW Painting Award will offer the winner a purse of 25,000.00 euros, a prize that cannot be divided by a tie or declared vacant.

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