2nd International Biennial of Mural and Public Art

The 2nd International Biennial of Mural and Public Art was inaugurated on Wednesday November 12 at in the departmental library in Cali, Colombia. The event was attended by Mayor Rodrigo Guerrero-Velasco, the Minister of Culture, Helena Maria Quiñones, the Director of the Museo Libre de Arte Público de Colombia, Carolina Jaramillo, and representatives of the companies supporting the biennial along with the 93 artists participating.
At the conclusion of the opening ceremony, the went to the Museo Libre de Arte Público de Colombia where several days before, during the pre-biennial, Colombian sculptor Fernando Pinto began to carve a stone that weighted about half a ton.
On Thursday November 13, I tour was organized for the artists to see the sites that were going to be intervened to recognize the areas in which they would be executing their works, which will be inspired by the proposed theme for the Biennale "The mythology of reconciliation."
In the neighborhood of El Poblado 2 in the Aguablanca district, 22 of these artists will be placed in one of the largest pavilions at the Biennale: This intervention area will contain 18 murals.
Another space with a high concentration will the small square Jairo Varela, where more than 20 mosaicists will be located to perform their work, this is a space that will be open to the public throughout the Biennale.
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