Results of the Public Open Call

On March 5, 2015, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Tamaulipas (MACT), home of the Biennial until March 31, will announce the results of the Biennial of the Frontiers’s public open call, a a program sponsored by the Government of the State of Tamaulipas through the Instituto Tamaulipeco para la Cultura y las Artes (ITCA) in coordination with Mexico’s Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (CONACULTA).
Three curatorial proposals won in the Emerging Artists category: the curatorial project by Paola Eguiluz and Silverio Orduña from Ecatepec, Mexico, titled Punto Ciego (Blind Spot), which included the participation of Alejandra Martín Bonilla (Caracas), Ana Belén Paizanni-Vásquez (Mexico City), Benito González (Hermosillo), Érika Fernanda Reyna-Cervantes (Villahermosa), Rodrigo Jardón-Galeana, (Mexico City) and Tania Solomonoff (Rosario).
The second winning curatorial proposal is Limites Nómadas (Nomadic Boundaries), curated by Virginia Roy and Claudia Segura, from Barcelona, Spain, which incorporated works by artists Joaquín Segura (Mexico City), Levi Orta (Havana), Pedro Torres (Glória de Dourados), Pinar Ögrenci (Van), Vahida Ramujkic (Belgrade), Nuria Güell (Vidreres) and Laura Marte (Menorca).
The third curatorial script selected is by Amanda de la Garza, from Monclova, Mexico, which includes works by artists Ernesto Bautista (Santa Ana), Andy Robert (Les Cayes), Mónica Rodríguez, (San Juan) and Isaac Torres (Mexico City). It is titled "Un Cuerpo, Dentro de una Isla, en un Río, dentro de un Volcán, en una Plaza, en una Calle, en una Ciudad (A Body, on an Island, in a River, inside a Volcano, in a Square, on a Street, in a City).
Three honorable mentions were also granted to curatorial proposals presented by Rodolfo Andaur, from Iquique, Chile; Juan Delgado-Calzadilla, from Havana, Cuba; and Julia Libertad Villaseñor-Bell, from Hermosillo, Mexico.
Other selected and prize-winning artists in the different modalities are  Heliodoro Santos-Sánchez (Mexico), Claudio Correa (Chile), Gina Arizpe, (Mexico), Eric Bourret (France), Manuela Viera-Gallo (Italy), Armando Miguelez-Giambruno, (US), Pablo López-Luz (Mexico), Andrés Felipe Castaño (Colombia), Florencia Levy (Argentina), Efraín Salinas-Salinas (Mexico), Maryam Ashkanian (Iran), Fábio Leão (Brazil), Roberto Juárez-Cervantes (Mexico), and Jéssica de la Garza (Mexico). In the modality of Guest Artists, the winners were the Belgian artist Julien Friedler and Mexican artists Emilio Chapela, Rodrigo Hernández, Manuel Mathar and Rogelio Raúl Meléndez-Cetina.
In the category of Emerging Artists, the Organizing Committee of the Biennial of the Frontiers decided to award honorable mentions to artists Verónica Meloni (Argentina), Alberto Ibáñez Cerda (Mexico), the artist group formed by Aglaia Haritz and Zerrou Abdelaziz (Switzerland-Morocco), Tom Henderson (UK) and Carlos Humberto Ramírez-Lara (Mexico).
The Selection Committee included: María del Carmen Aguirre-Treviño, visual artist and architect (Mexico); Leonor Amarante, journalist and guest curator at the Curitiba Biennial (Brazil); Julia P. Herzberg, art historian and Adjunct Curator at the Frost Art Museum (US); Guillermo Santamarina, Head Curator at the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil (Mexico), and Emiliano Valdés, Curator at the Gwangju Biennial and at the Museo de Arte Moderno in Medellín (South Korea/Colombia).
Lastly, the works selected will become part of the Contemporary Art Collection of this institution in Tamaulipas, in Northwest Mexico.
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