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Reopening of the Permanent Exhibition Rooms

On September 9 the Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI) reopened its permanent exhibition after a thorough process of renovations—made possible with funding from the Plan COPESCO National of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) of Peru—of the second floor of the Palacio de la Exposición, in which MALI is located. The permanent exhibition features more than 1,200 pieces from a collection that consists of over 17,000 works that cover three thousand years of Peruvian art history. Local and international visitors will be able to walk through the revamped rooms of pre-Columbian, colonial, republican, and modern art, as well as sections dedicated to textile works, photography, silverware and drawing. The rooms exhibit ceramics, oil paintings as well as unique objects created in wood and metal which are of great historical value.
The new MALI now offers first class infrastructure, museology and signage, as well as modern facilities to provide the public with a comprehensive range of services that are at the level of major museums worldwide. This reopening is expected to bring 250,000 visitors in 2015, which will be 170,000 more visitors than in 2014. MALI intends to promote the institution among schools and universities through the development of educational projects, as it also plans to establish itself as a destination place for national and international visitors.
The inauguration of the remodeled exhibition rooms will allow the display of new collections formed through the acquisitions and donations of several generations of Peruvians, like the donations by the Memoria Prado in the 1960s, and donations by Manuel Cisneros-Sánchez, Rafael Lemor, Maki Miró-Quesada, Petrus Fernandini, Juan Carlos Verme, along with donations by some artists who generously gave their works to Mali. In the last ten years, Mali has added to its collection works with a total value of over $ 3 million dollars.
The next project being undertaken by MALI is the underground expansion of its new exhibition rooms for the contemporary art collection, which will be built adjacent to the area at the Palacio de la Exposición (towards Garcilaso de la Vega Avenue). The international architecture competition for the realization of this expansion will be launched before the end of this year.
MALI information: 
Exhibition rooms: 34
Area: 4,500 square meters. 
Total works in the collection: 17,000 
Number of works that will be exhibited in the permanent exhibition rooms: 1,200