Picasso at MoMA

  • Picasso at MoMA

Picasso Sculpture, a survey of Pablo Picasso’s influential and innovative work in the genre, will remain open through February 7, 2016 and is organized in chapters, following the different periods during which the artist worked in three-dimensional formats. 
Over the course of his long career, Picasso devoted himself passionately to sculpture, using both traditional and unconventional materials and techniques. 
Unlike his painting, for which he has trained, sculpture was a personal and experimental development for the Spanish artist. He approached the medium with the freedom of an autodidact, and fro this attitude emerged a deep attachment to his three-dimensional works. 
Picasso kept the majority of the works in his private collection throughout his life. However, in 1966, audiences gained access to his sculpture in a large retrospective in Paris, Hommage à Picasso. Following this exhibition, in 1967, the Museum of Modern Art organized The Sculpture of Picasso, until now the only exhibition in the Americas to feature a large selection of these works. 
Picasso Sculpture covers the artist’s lifelong work in the genre, emphasizing in particular his use of materials and processes. The exhibition, featuring more than 100 items, is complemented by a selection of works on paper and photographs, with the purpose of advancing our understanding of what sculpture meant for Picasso.