Abraham Cruzvillegas

Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas presents the installation titled Empty Lot that was specially commissioned for the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern. According to Cruzvillegas, "hope" was the main material used in this work and the one thing that one must never lose, even during the worst of times.

He adds that, in his experience, the works that require some sort of improvisation with the materials are those from which he learns the most, for it is during the creation of such works when he gets to witness transformations that raise questions and generate various states of anticipation.

Cruzvillegas predicts the final result of his work by adding that he will be satisfied with the project if something gets to grow from the planters that he constructed and filled with soil from several places in London. But even if nothing visible happens, he is confident that something will inevitably occur, whether one can see it or not. The installation will be on display until April 3, 2016. The video was produced by Tate.