• Highlights from ArtBasel 2015

    Marc Spiegler, Director of Art Basel, speaks about several of the highlights from ArtBasel 2015, the edition of the fair that took place in June.According to Spiegler, the first noteworthy theme was the architectural redesign of the "Unlimited" section, which for this edition was... read more
  • Doris Salcedo’s Publicworks

    On ocassion of the exhibition “Doris Salcedo” at The Museum of Contemporary Art, MCA Chicago, two videos featuring the work of the Colombian artist were presented.In “Doris Salcedo”, the artist briefly talks about her work as an art maker and her position in reference to the subj... read more
  • Tracey Emin, My Bed

    British artist Tracey Emin presents her work 'My Bed' at Tate Britain's exhibition hall in London. The work was shown to the public eye in 1999 and is representative of her body of work. 'My bed' depicts the personal situation that Emin went through after a sentimental breakup. T... read more
  • Leonora Carrington: Britain's Lost Surrealist

    TateShots presents a video about the life and work of Leonora Carrington (1917-2011), seen through the eyes of Joanna Moorhead, a journalist and the artist's cousin. The film is republished with the permission of The Guardian.The first section of the video is devoted to reviewing... read more
  • Jeff Koons at Whitney Museum of American Art

    The Whitney Museum of American Art is presenting a Jeff Koons retrospective, the largest exhibition of works by the American artist in a New York museum and the first to occupy exclusively with Koons' art almost the entirety of the Withney building. In this video, produced and ed... read more
  • Cildo Meireles: Installations

    On occasion of Cildo Meireles´ solo show at HangarBiccoca (Milano, Italy), Vernissage TV presents an interview to the Brazilian artist.In this video, he describes how Cildo Meireles: Intallations arrived in Italy. The request by the curators of HangarBicocca to include the larges... read more
  • Nam June Paik

    Nam June Paik, the video-art pioneer, worked in a very unconventional way during the 20th Century with radios, TVs, robotics and other devices in order to explore the relation between man and technology, and to reflect around perception and sensory disproportion caused by technol... read more
  • Pablo Helguera, Nuevo Romancero NuevoMexicano

    Pablo Helguera presents trough this video, the first part of "Nuevo Romancero Nuevomexicano," a multi-disciplinary project commissioned by SITE Santa Fe. Adopting the Romance, an important art form preserved in New Mexico from the colonial era, the artists alludes to "known and o... read more
  • Alfredo Jaar

    27 years ago in Times Square, Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar presented his public art installation "A logo for America", a digital work recently projected onto several screens, once again in the same place.The artist suggests the idea that America is not only the United St... read more
  • Marta Minujín

    After the exhibition “Under the Same Sun” presented a year ago by UBS and The Guggenheim Museum in New York, the museum features a video with one of the artists who work as part of the show. Argentinean artist Marta Minujín, speaks about art, books and democracy. She focuses on t... read more